Goal 4: Foster Effective Communication

What Our Stakeholders Told Us

At our best, our communication supports our drive to become a World-Class Civil Service, by supporting the objectives of the Cayman Islands Government and ensuring our employees and all stakeholders are well-informed and engaged.

We proactively own and address our shortcomings and openly celebrate our successes. We know our audiences and vary the way we communicate to meet their needs and interests.

Why Effective Communication Is Important​

Professional communication is the backbone of any successful organisation. To deliver our vision we must connect with a range of external and internal audiences. Effective external communication and stakeholder engagement can help connect the public with our initiatives.

If employees know what needs to be done, and what their role is in achieving this, then they can align their efforts to the strategy. Employees receive relevant information in a timely manner to understand how they are performing and also to assess risk to drive decision-making and engage key stakeholders.

What Success Looks Like When Our Best Becomes “Business As Usual”

Stakeholders, internal and external to the Civil Service, are kept abreast of policy matters which affect them and are given a voice on these issues. Civil servants actively solicit feedback and engage in dialogue to assess how we are doing and inform decision-making and performance improvement.

All civil servants have the information they need to perform their roles effectively and to understand the impact of their contributions to the success of the Cayman Islands.

How we can build on our strengths to improve

  1. Align and modernise our communications approach to more effectively promote Government's policy priorities
  2. Build communication capabilities across the Civil Service
  3. Create a culture of openness and information sharing

How we will measure success

  • Percentage of Ministries & Departments with communication plans
  • Percentage of Departments adopting stakeholder engagement protocols
  • Number of Government priorities supported by communication campaigns