Strategic Objective 4.2

Build Communication Capabilities Across The Civil Service

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Integrate communications into policy development and execution.
  • Enhance civil servants’ capabilities to communicate via a full range of media.
  • Ensure government communications are of a high standard and are easily recognised by the public.
  • Facilitate better coordination and role clarity for communicators at all levels of the organisation.

Strategic Initiatives

4.2a Provide training for senior leaders on how effective communication can help them deliver their business objectives.

4.2b Provide a variety of targeted communications training opportunities to all staff to help them more effectively carry out the work of Government.

4.2c Develop and implement brand standards, including but not limited to a style guide, to reflect the Cayman Islands Government identity and to be adhered to by communications professionals and others who engage in communication across the Civil Service.

4.2d Embed and localise our communications vision and mission across the organisation by developing and implementing ministry and department-level communication objectives and plans, aligned with the overall strategy.

4.2e Strengthen and develop the communication profession across the Civil Service.