Customer Experience

Goal 1: Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

What Our Stakeholders Told Us

At our best, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are professional, flexible and innovative in our approach to customer service, and we approach each task as an opportunity to deliver World-Class service. Front-line civil servants are empowered to use their knowledge, experience and resourcefulness to solve problems and achieve results.

Why An Outstanding Customer Experience Is Important

Civil Servants are part of a unique organisation serving a broad set of stakeholders which includes citizens, residents and visitors. All Government revenue is earned directly or indirectly from the public who are both our customers and our ultimate shareholders.

Given that the Cayman Islands is predominately a service-based economy, it is imperative that the Civil Service excels at customer service as we enable others to in turn be successful. Our performance can either accelerate or hinder the national competitiveness of the Cayman Islands. Whether a company or a private individual, an adult or a child, an external client or an internal client, all of our customers deserve to receive World-Class service.

If we are caring, responsive and innovative in helping our customers, we will earn their respect and their support. If we invest in our teams providing them the leadership, training, tools and discretion they need to fulfill their roles, we will foster an environment where Civil Servants are highly engaged and motivated to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

What Success Looks Like When Our Best Becomes “Business As Usual”

Our customers are highly satisfied, openly sharing their positive experiences because we consistently meet or exceed their expectations. Feedback is welcomed and when complaints arise, they are resolved in a timely manner and to the customers’ satisfaction. Leaders promote a customer-centric culture; civil servants at all levels consistently interact with internal and external customers in a courteous and professional manner and are inspired and supported to improve their performance.

How We Can Build Upon Our Strengths To Improve

  1. Foster a customer-centred culture within the Civil Service
  2. Uphold Operational Standards for Key Services
  3. Streamline Business Processes and Make Strategic Use Of Technology

Key Performance Measures

  • Customer satisfaction rates (by department & overall)
  • KPI achievement rate (by department & overall)
  • Formal complaints resolution rate
  • Number of E-Government services
  • Percentage of customer-facing employees who receive customer service training