Customer-Centred Culture

Strategic Objective 1.1

Foster A Customer-Centred Culture Within The Civil Service

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Develop and communicate the guiding principles of the Cayman Islands Government's (CIG) customer service strategy.
  • Reinforce CIG ethos that the customer is at the heart of everything that we do.
  • Identify our customers and their service preferences for future improvements.
  • Develop well trained employees who are commonly inspired to put the customer at the heart of all their endeavours.
  • Recognise and reward civil servants who are on the front line and exceed customer expectations.
  • Ensure continuous service improvements becomeour normal business practice.

Strategic Initiatives

1.1a Establish a customer service framework setting out the guiding priciples which are applicable across the Civil Service and underpin CIG’s customer service approach.

1.1b Support campaigns (internal & external) to promote awareness of Government’s customer service principles.

1.1.c Listen to our Customers - Solicit by department, insights to determine customer demographics, service preferences and priority touchpoints for service enhancements.

1.1d Act on Customer Insights - Remedy impediments to the provision of excellent customer service (eg. corporate culture, resourcing, technology, capabilities, etc.) particularly in key customer-facing departments. 

1.1e Establish a CIG Customer Service Academy which identifies centrally sponsored customer service training, alighed with the CIG competency and customer service frameworks and which targets:

  • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
  • Front-line customer service ambassadors
  • Non-client facing employees

1.1f Establish an employee recognition programme dedicated to Customer Service Ambassafors, the client-facing professionals who directly interact with our customers. 

1.1.g Identify and train individuals to champion improvements in customer service.