Service Standards

Strategic Objective 1.2

Uphold Operational Standards For Key Services

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Provide visible performance targets for employees.
  • Assess the customer experience and make effective decisions around priority touchpoints for improvements.
  • Measure improvements in service delivery.
  • Demonstrate accountability to our clients.

Strategic Initiatives

1.2a Adopt Operational Standards and key performance targets and continuously improve upon the same.

1.2b Enhance capabilities to resolve customer concerns: 

  • Implement Employee Empowerment Framework focused on low cost/high impact interventions
  • Provide training on complaint resolution
  • Raise public awareness of complaint handling facilities

1.2c Implement a feedback system and track and publish customer satisfaction levels.

1.2d Implement a government-wide platform to record Departments' attainment of performance targets which support the Government's policy priorities.