Strategic Objective 5.2

Enhance The Decision-Making Process Within The Cayman Islands Government

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Focus on results through evidence-based decision making.
  • Increase the quality of information and performance data.
  • Deliver outcomes more effectively.

Strategic Initiatives

5.2a Implement an effective risk management framework to assist departments with identifying risks to their operations and implementing appropriate internal controls and risk management strategies to mitigate.

5.2b Enhance/develop management information systems to provide timely and relevant performance data/information to strengthen evidence-based decision making.

5.2c Provide training to Chief Officers, CFOs and HoDs in conducting periodic reviews of departmental performance against agreed annual plans/budgets.

5.2d Expand policy development and project management training programmes for civil servants.

5.2e Provide training to senior civil servants with decision-making authority, to enhance effectiveness of decision making and increase accountability.

5.2f Fully implement the governance structure for government procurement by finalising the Procurement Regulations.

5.2g Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Cabinet will use to demonstrate progress against Government’s Strategic Outcomes.