Strategic Objective 5.1

Enhance Public Officers’ Awareness Of And Capabilities To Adhere To The Principles Of Good Governance In Their Roles

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Communicate standards of good governance expected within the Cayman Islands Civil Service.
  • Clarify distinctions in roles and responsibilities.
  • Reinforce ethical behaviour and facilitate proactive reporting of wrongdoing.
  • Demonstrate accountability for agency performance.


5.1a Adopt, implement and communicate the Governance model applicable within the Cayman Islands Civil Service.

5.1b Provide ongoing training to public officers on ethical conduct.

5.1c Implement anti-fraud and whistle blower provisions which set zero tolerance for wrongdoing and encourage proactive reporting.

5.1d Facilitate induction, orientation programmes for new staff, parliamentarians, Board and Committee appointees to enhance understanding of statutory obligations applicable to public officials and to encourage appropriate rules of engagement for the Civil Service.