Goal 2: Develop Exceptional Leadership

What Our Stakeholders Told Us

At our best, leaders at every level of the Civil Service champion progress towards becoming a World-Class Civil Service. Persons in formal leadership roles create and communicate a clear and compelling vision for the future. They are flexible, confident, make tough decisions, hold themselves and others accountable, exemplify public service values, and empower and inspire Civil Servants to deliver ambitious outcomes for the benefit of the Cayman Islands.

All Civil Servants actively support their leaders and seize opportunities when they arise to demonstrate leadership by making a positive impact. Senior leaders model servant leadership principles by contributing positively and collaboratively on cross-agency initiatives, even when they are not leading. Team members engage fully, actively and confidently being prepared to lead and to follow when the circumstances require.

Why Exceptional Leadership Is Important​

We depend on capable leaders to lead the Civil Service through challenging and sometimes unprecedented situations whether arising from the global economy, changing societal and environmental threats or the evolving expectations of the people we serve. World-Class leaders will inspire and motivate civil servants, empowering them to deliver high quality public services that are focused on meeting the needs of the people who live, visit, work and do business in the Cayman Islands.

Becoming a World-Class Civil Service will require each of us, including those of us who do not hold a formal leadership role, to seize every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

What Success Looks Like When Our Best Becomes “Business As Usual”

Our Leaders encourage others to achieve the highest levels of performance and promote a culture of accountability and responsibility, whilst ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn, develop and progress. They recognise and reward the achievement of results and are intolerant of misconduct and underperformance. They foster a culture of high performance ensuring the highest possible levels of satisfaction amongst the people we serve. All civil servants, when undertaking formal or informal leadership responsibilities, are role models of our core values.

How We Can Build Upon Our Strengths To Improve

  1. Foster world-class leadership
  2. Promote public service values, supportive work environments And employee well-being
  3. Demonstrate accountability and high performance

Key Performance Measures

  • Employee engagement
  • Employee turnover
  • Percentage of leaders participating in 360 Reviews
  • Percentage of disciplinary matters resolved in a timely manner (ie. Within 60 days for non-criminal concerns and within 1 year for criminal concerns)
  • Percentage of leaders possessing leadership qualifications