Accountability and Performance

Strategic Objective 2.3

Demonstrate Accountability And High Performance

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Demonstrate fair but firm leadership, where leaders hold themselves and others accountable.
  • Create a shared sense of ownership and urgency for the achievement of outcomes.
  • Reward positive contributions whilst tackling poor performance in a timely and effective manner.

Strategic Initiatives

2.3a Provide a framework and training to improve goal setting which better aligns broad outcomes with departmental and employee performance.

2.3b Facilitate recognition and incentives for achieving high performance (eg. internal stories, non-financial rewards, honorarium linked to performance, recognition of innovation projects).

2.3c Provide leaders with training and coaching on giving effective feedback and holding direct reports accountable.

2.3d Extend the use of 360 degree feedback to all formal leadership roles.

2.3e Streamline disciplinary procedures to ensure more timely resolution of misconduct and poor performance and provide continued training.

2.3f Enhance management systems available to support and better integrate HCM functions, including workforce planning, performance management, succession planning, training and development, etc.