World-Class Leadership

Strategic Objective 2.1

Foster World-Class Leadership

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Strengthen senior leadership capabilities which are critical to the realisation of becoming a World-Class Civil Service.
  • Create leadership communities of practice to explore leadership styles and facilitate peer mentoring.
  • Develop succession plans for strategic and senior leadership roles.
  • Enhance middle management capabilities.

Strategic Initiatives

2.1a Create the CIG Leadership Academy and mandate continuous professional development for those in leadership roles.

2.1b Coordinate leadership cohorts to facilitate peer learning, coaching and sharing of best practice, in particular targeting:

  • Strategic Leaders (Leading other Leaders/Setting Strategic Direction)
  • Senior Leaders (Leading Function)
  • Aspirational Leaders (High Potentials in Leadership pipeline)
  • Supervisors/Manaders (Leading Others)
  • Women in Leadership

2.1c Develop and support succession planning arrangements across the Civil Service.

2.1d Develop stronger managers, highly competent in managing resources and achieving results.