Building on past accomplishments

Between 2012 and 2017, led by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and the senior leadership team, the civil service sought “To create a dynamic, modern, professional and respected Civil Service that supports good governance , serves the community and positively contributes to the ongoing economic and social development of the Cayman Islands.” This strategy was underpinned by four broad objectives. Major strides were made during that period as follows:

Objective 1: Be a fair and responsible employer

  • Adoption of assessment centres to ensure merit based hiring.
  • Promotion of staff wellness and community outreach through the introduction of the weekly Walk/Run Club, adoption of dress down days and the launch of the Deputy Governor’s 5K Walk/Run event which has raised approximately CI$200,000 for charitable causes over the past four years.
  • Introduction of mandatory orientation for new hires to embed public service values.
  • Award of 4% Cost of Living Adjustment in July 2015 (reversing 2010 pay cut of 3.2%).
  • Award of one-off Honorariums approved in 2014 and 2016.
  • Award of increments to address pay stagnation for civil servants who had not received a pay increase for 3 or more years, including to teachers and police officers in December 2015.

Objective 2: Empower and support managers

  • Facilitating leadership training through the Civil Service College (CSC), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), University College of the Cayman Islands and Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Cayman.
  • In April 2017, abolished the 2012 moratorium on recruitment allowing Appointing Officers to make the full-range of hiring decisions.
  • In partnership with the private sector, hosting annual Professional Development Week, to offer training in financial management, leadership and other topical matters.

Objective 3: Expect professional performance and accountability

  • Promoting accountability by ensuring over 90% of employees have annual performance agreements and appraisals, up from 17% in 2011.
  • Holding and publishing Minutes of biweekly Chief Officer Meetings.
  • Restoring public confidence in Government’s financial management by ensuring 100% of core Government’s financial accounts are submitted for audit on time and that the majority of Ministries/Portfolios achieve Unqualified Audit Opinions.

Objective 4: Support professional development and personal growth of all civil servants

  • Internally promoted 786 civil servants between February 2012 and January 2018.
  • The Civil Service College (CSC) by granting free tuition to attend the University College of the Cayman Islands has enabled:
    • 71 civil servants to obtain Associates of Arts Degrees in Public Administration (35 with Honours),
    • 49 civil servants to obtain Certificates in Public Administration (33 with Merit),
    • 5 civil servants to commence their Bachelors degree (all of whom are Caymanian honours students),
    • 30 civil servants to obtain a post graduate qualification of an Executive Certificate in Global Leadership.