Customer Satisfaction

At our best, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are professional, flexible and innovative in our approach to customer service, and we approach each task as an opportunity to deliver World-Class service. That is why Customer Satisfaction is one of two critical success factors, or primary measures of progress, for our 5-Year Strategic Plan for a World-Class Civil Service. The other is Employee Engagement.

Civil Servants are part of a unique organisation serving a broad set of stakeholders which includes citizens, residents and visitors. Whether a company or a private individual, an adult or a child, an external client or an internal client, all of our customers deserve to receive World-Class service.

When our best becomes "business as usual," our customers are highly satisfied, openly sharing their positive experiences because we consistently meet or exceed their expectations. 

The Portfolio of the Civil Service is coordinating a pilot project that deploys “Happy or Not” customer satisfaction kiosks across the main customer-facing areas of the participating departments. Customers are encouraged to register their satisfaction levels by pressing one of four button choices: Very Happy, Happy, Unhappy or Very Unhappy. 

2018 Customer Satisfaction