Implementation Framework

This Strategic Plan provides an ambitious programme of change that will drive improvements in the Civil Service’s capabilities and outcomes identified by the elected government. The Plan will help to shape the future of the Civil Service.

The key strategies and strategic initiatives identified for each goal in the Plan will be underpinned by an Annual Implementation Plan, which will outline, in practical terms, what actions are to be undertaken each year to deliver the Strategic Plan. These implementation plans will prioritise and sequence actions, based on an assessment of resources, impact and feasibility.

What structures will support delivery?

The Deputy Governor as Head of the Civil Service, is responsible for the delivery of the Strategic Plan and for ensuring adequate structures are in place, including allocation of the necessary resources to ensure its implementation.

As such, the Steering Committee which will oversee the implementation of the Plan will be chaired by the Deputy Governor.

The Portfolio of the Civil Service (POCS) has responsibility for coordinating and driving implementation of the Strategic Plan across the Civil Service, and will outline the appropriate process to monitor and manage the large scale transformation programme.

The Cabinet Office will also be heavily involved as various agencies within that Office will lead efforts to deliver the Communication Goal.

Implementation teams will be responsible for managing the delivery of the initiatives for each Goal and will report progress to a Programme Committee.

The Programme Committee will coordinate activities among the various teams, monitor progress and escalate issues that have the potential to negatively impact the achievement of Goals. Whilst professionals within the Portfolio of the Civil Service and the Cabinet Office will be heavily involved in the delivery of the plan, experts across the Civil Service will be called upon to contribute to the realisation of the plan. Each strategic action will have an owner responsible to the team leader for its execution.

However, successful change cannot be delivered by just a handful of persons at the core, but rather must be adopted and executed collectively. To ensure collective leadership of the Plan, the delivery of the Plan will be overseen by the Chief Officer Transformation Leadership Team. The Portfolio of the Civil Service will report on progress to the Transformation Leadership Team and the wider Civil Service and public. While the POCS is responsible for ensuring the implementation of Civil-Service wide initiatives and actions, Chief Officers will be responsible for identifying and coordinating the implementation of initiatives within their Ministries and Departments that align with the Goals of the Strategic Plan.

To further ensure that the priorities established for the strategic plan have an impact at all levels of the Civil Service, annual performance goals for Chief Officers and staff at all levels will reflect the priorities established by the 5-Year Strategic Plan.

How will progress be tracked and communicated?

We will only maintain momentum if we regularly communicate the goals and benefits of the changes we are making, building on the passion and commitment displayed by so many civil servants through all stages of the planning process.

There will be opportunities for the many persons who contributed to the formulation of the plan to actively support implementation, to share successes and lessons learned, to evaluate and share their views on the progress we are making towards the goals for improving the Civil Service, and to discuss the issues and ideas coming through during implementation. The Implementation Teams will track and report on progress in each of the five Goals. Plan details and updates will be coordinated by the Portfolio of the Civil Service and communicated on an ongoing basis.