Intern says she would do it again

Being part of the “My Civil Service Reimagined” team is turning out to be one of my best experiences. Through the Summits, I learnt about some of the objectives that civil servants want to achieve in order to make the service better, stronger and successful. This amazing experience allowed me to interact with very important people who are smart and outgoing. As a young student, I see it as a big step that I’ve taken to have the chance that many young people don’t have.

During my internship, I am working with a small team that motivates me to invest all my effort in everything I do. In observing the enthusiasm and commitment that each staff member brings to the team, I feel proud of myself to be among bright people like them. Perhaps this experience will help me to shape my future.

I appreciate the opportunity to do my internship with the Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit and to work with supportive staff that know how to work well as a team, and yes! Once my internship is over I would like to do it again.


CIFEC Intern Nicole Jackson enjoying a much deserved break with CIG Intern and recent Harvard University graduate, Brianna Rodriguez.

About the author: Nicole joined the Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit (SRIU) in October 2015 through a placement coordinated by the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) where she is pursuing studies in business and marketing. Nicole plans to attend college when she graduates from CIFEC where she will explore career opportunities in the world of business. 

Nicole is the proud big sister of three baby brothers and shares that she has another little brother on the way. When asked what piece of advise she would pass on to her brothers, she said, “Choose your friends wisely”. Nicole loves Spanish food and shares that one of her favourite dishes is chicken and rice prepared by her mom.

In addition to her internship, Nicole works at Cost U Less where she has been employed for the past 2 1/2 years. When she is not at school, at work or at her internship, Nicole says she can be found at home working on a business project or some other homework.