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The Planning Process

In late 2015, the Cayman Islands Civil Service launched the “Civil Service Reimagined” initiative, one of our largest ever staff engagement exercises.

This initiative was intended to unleash the passion and innovation of our civil servants to develop our services and organisation.

Applying the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to the planning process, participants were challenged to look for what works, as a basis for future planning and change.

The planning process consisted of several stages.

A Senior Leadership Team, comprised of Chief Officers and chaired by the Deputy Governor, provided oversight, support and guidance to the Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit, who led the planning process, with the support of a Core Team.

The Core Team was a representative cross section of the Civil Service, with 30 participants representing various levels and roles within the Service, as well as other key internal and external stakeholders.

Other stakeholders participated in a range of other consultation activities, such as strategic planning summits, online and face-to-face meetings, and participation in Innovation Teams.

In total, over 500 individuals contributed directly to the development and preparation of the Strategic Plan.

Therefore, this Strategic Plan document presents the results of a planning process that has included many different participants from all levels of the Civil Service, as well as some of our key stakeholders.

Through the planning process, their ideas and recommendations were prioritised.

Those ideas were further synthesised into a draft mission, vision, goals and core values by the Core Team and refined following feedback and input from key stakeholders. Innovation Teams brainstormed strategies and actions to support each goal.

The ideas generated during the consultation phased, were then refined by the Implementation Teams comprising of specialists from the Portfolio of the Civil Service, the Cabinet Office and from a cross-section of Ministries and Portfolios. Leaders across the Civil Service are charged with implementing this strategy within their agencies.

The following agencies will be responsible for implementation and have informed the development of the strategies and strategic actions in the plan:

  • The Portfolio of the Civil Service - Leadership; Customer Experience; Talent-Development and Governance
  • The Cabinet Office - Communication