Talent Development

Goal 3: Pursue Excellence in Talent Development

What Our Stakeholders Told Us

At our best, we have Civil Servants who are skilled, competent and qualified in the right positions at the right time, as part of a World-Class Civil Service.

There are exceptional opportunities for professional growth and development. In accordance with our competency frameworks, civil servants at all levels are empowered and challenged to reach their individual and collective potential, in pursuit of organisational excellence. Civil Servants are trained and developed to operate at the highest standards of professionalism, service and quality.

Why Excellence in Talent Development Is Important

It is critical to our sucess that we provide civil servants with career progression and effective learning and development opportunities. It will help us to retain and optimise the performance of existing talent in preparation for future challenges facing the Cayman Islands. It is also essential for succession planning and knowledge transfer as it allows employees to plan, prepare and compete for new positions as they become available.

Being known as an organisation that invests in its employees also builds our reputation as a good employer, helping us to attract future talent.

What Success Looks Like When Our Best Becomes “Business As Usual”

We realise tangible returns on investment for learning and development; all civil servants are committed to continual education and meet or exceed the minimum number of development hours. More Caymanians successfully compete to hold key managerial and technical positions.

How we can build on our strengths to improve

  1. Maximise participation in effective learning and development opportunities
  2. Develop and implement a Competency Framework across the CIG, identifying the core behaviours needed at all levels of the Civil Service to realise the vision to be a World-Class Civil Service
  3. Develop a Civil Service Talent Plan

How we will measure success

  • Percentage of employees achieving annual training targets
  • Percentage of Ministries/Portfolios/Independent Offices with a Talent Plan
  • Percentage of managerial and technical posts held by Caymanians