Learning and Development

Strategic Objective 3.1

Maximise Participation In Effective Learning And Development Opportunities

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Promote a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement so the Civil Service maintains the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle increasingly complex issues facing the Cayman Islands.
  • Optimise the Return on Investment of CIG’s investments in training and development by empowering Heads of Professions to advise on training priorities and learning and career pathways.

Strategic Initiatives

3.1a Develop a learning and development policy applicable across the Civil Service, which reflects CIG’s commitment to lifelong learning and performance improvement, adopts minimum annual training targets for continuing development, catalogues the range of training interventions sponsored by the Civil Service College, and identifies commitments expected of both management and staff.

3.1b Expand the range of learning opportunities available to Civil Servants through various channels including e-learning, workshops, classroom-based learning, internal secondments and external attachments within the private sector or abroad.

3.1c Establish curriculum advisory committees comprising internal experts to provide guidance on identifying annual training priorities for persons within the respective professional/vocational clusters (eg. Finance, HR, skilled trades, etc.).

3.1d Establish methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the training offered in accordance with identified learning objectives, training priorities and performance improvements.