Talent Plan

Strategic Objective 3.3

Develop a Civil Service Talent Plan

This is important because it allows us to:

  • Have the right people, in the right place and at the right time to support:
    • The Government’s plan for Sustainable Social and Economic Development
    • The Vision of a World-Class Civil Service
    • The evolving business objectives identified by Ministries and departments within their strategic plans
    • Government’s business continuity and the participation of Caymanians, particularly in managerial and technical roles.
  • Maximises opportunities for civil servants to realise their personal potential and career goals.

Strategic Initiatives

3.3a Develop a plan to identify the workforce requirements for being a World-Class Civil Service and the strategies for acquiring, developing and promoting talent aligned to our Core Values and the Strategic Goals contained within the 5 Year Strategic Plan.

3.3b Strengthen succession planning for scarce skillsets or areas where Caymanians are historically underrepresented.

3.3c Establish development pathways for cross-government professions and vocations.

3.3d Adopt a common framework for strategic workforce planning which can be operated within ministries and departments to
fulfill their mandates in accordance with the elected Government’s policy priorities.